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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your items stitched?

No, unless stated otherwise. We want to give our customers the flexibility to make their outfit in their size. If you are unsure if the outfit will fit you, please email us on with your measurements and we can check if there is enough material for your size. 

How can I get the product stitched in my size?

Currently we do not offer stitching services for our items. If you are based in Sydney, Australia, we can recommend a tailor to you. Please contact us on for more information. 

Do you deliver directly from India?

No, our products are based in Sydney and will be shipped to you from Sydney, Australia.  

How do I wash my outfit? 

All of our outfits are dry clean only.

Are the outfits customisable?

The outfits in stock are not customisable, however, if you are looking for custom wear please email us on 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. Please refer to our Shipping and Returns policy for more information.